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Abra-kadabra baby!!

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How bout it Little Haven community!!

I’d like to take the time to introduce myself. My ign is WireWizard but go by Wire or TheWiz. My username reflects my job title in real life. By trade I am an electrical technician and love what I do so it’s fitting. I was reading through the mcserver subreddit and stumbled upon this new whitelisted server little haven. I’m very excited to take part in a new adventure and be part of the server development. I’m fairly social and look forward to engaging the community and finding out who everyone is. I won’t be able to log in until around 7 p.m. today so fasten ur seatbelts, get your dank memes ready, and look for me to peek in at that time. Shortly after my log on I will be taking questions at a cost of 1 diamond each. lol Jk. See y’all at 7!!




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