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  • BigShot

    Website Release!

    The first version of the Little Haven website is released! You're viewing the first out of (hopefully) many news articles that will be published on the site!

    Quick Disclaimer:

    This is the barebones version. I've done my very best to get the base features of the site rolling that way we can get going as fast as possible. There are still MANY things to add and fix! Sadly, until we get a bit of traffic and more news posts, the website may look a bit dead. I promise once there's content flowing, everything will look lively.

    Come on in, make yourself at home!

    Thank you for visiting, whoever you are. No matter if you're a Little Haven veteran, staff, or guest! I genuinely appreciate you coming onto the website and I really do hope you like it.

    My goal with the website is to offer an inviting area for newbies to easily see who we are and how we work, a place for members to share thoughts and have chats, and somewhere you can go to find information and get your questions answered.

    As I said in my disclaimer, this is still a massive work in progress. I have an outrageous amount of ideas that I'll be adding over time. My first order of business is to do an overhaul on the current application system. I'll be doing a lot of back-end work to add a better user experience for both the applicant and the staff member. I will also be re-vamping the front-end with new templates. This will make the applications look better for the applicant and easier to manage for staff members.

    Once the application system is in order, my main focus will be getting a knowledgebase and 'about us' page going. I really want this place to be inviting for guests so they can really see who we are before applying. One of my main gripes with a lot of whitelist servers is that all they include is a basic introduction to their server. I go through the whole application process and get accepted, only to find out the server is nothing like what I'm looking for. I'm looking to change that with Little Haven.

    That's about all I have to say for this post. I really hope you like the website and we'll see ya around,



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