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    Hey there everybody! Just wanted to give you all a heads up and to let you know that the Little Haven Market Centre is open for players now! How do I reach the market? Simple! Just type in /warp market and you'll be taken there! Can I have my own shop at the market? Why yes you can you spritely little fellow. Just right click on an unclaimed market stall sign and you can rent one for a period of time! Payments are automatic until you cancel the rent or run out of funds to keep the stall rented. What can I sell at my little shop? Well you can sell whatever you want! So long as it is a block or item. Can I sell my items at the market? Why yes, there are a few items you can sell to the admin shops at the market spawn! You can sell all that clunky and space consuming cobblestone, dirt, and redstone! Plus you can sell golden apples and potatoes! You may also purchase Packed Ice and Sponges in the same area! I will set up a bulletin in the market for those who wish to sell "services" such as land clearing, land filling, resource gathering, etc. Or even if you wish to hire someone to suit your minecrafty needs.