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    Valentine's Day is soon upon us, but it's not a day to be sad or lonely, because we're here for you. In fact we're throwing a party. So spend this day with us! Because frankly we're awesome. In addition to getting to hang out with people we're having a Secret Valentine event. To sign up simply reply to this thread or PM me. You must sign up by Monday February 5th to be matched, as matches will be given out that day. Then you simply mail your secret Valentine an item (or two) using our postal system. Everyone who participates is guaranteed a gift from a partner, and one from me (everyone gets the same thing from me though, which I promise is awesome). As a side note we are a mature server, so you're welcome to smoke up or drink heavily on the day of festivities. We love you, but the server isn't a physical person willing to jump into your bed...yet.