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  1. Custom Crafting Recipes

    Very cool!
  2. Corrupted Chunk - Internal Server Error

    I've forwarded this onto @MissQuoted Hopefully she's able to restore your account without causing any damage.
  3. Don't Be Sad!

    Count me in
  4. New Moderators!

    Congratz to zamo and icee I look forward to the future of Little Haven!
  5. Selfies!

    You can't really see my face too much, but here's one of the only selfies I've ever taken lol
  6. Minecraft Username The_BigShot Age 23 Location and Timezone Central Available Hours Weekdays 5:30PM-10PM. Weekends all day depending on my schedule. Relevant Experience I've been in the server scene for over a decade. I started on private servers for Runescape in 2007. That's when I began staffing and creating websites for servers. In the past, I have administrated runescape servers with hundreds of players. In 2012 I ran a minecraft server that was featured on Planet Minecraft homepage and was maxed out with 200 slots for many months until I was forced to shut it down after graduating and heading to college. I have vast experience dealing with stressful situations and I'm very skilled at handling 'problem' users. It isn't much of a worry on a server like this given that it's adults and it's relatively small, but having the skills necessary is still something nice to have. Working in retail customer service for 3 years has taught me a lot about de-escalating situations. On other servers, I was very well known for resolving conflicts by talking rather than using force. I would much rather talk an issue out with a user than ban them. It ends better on all sides and I still live by that. Additional: I can't wait to see the future of this server. We have gotten some pretty cool people on the server and I hope to meet many more.
  7. Kit's Castle

    This is a picture of Kit's Castle near spawn
  8. Techno_Bear and Cynfuldragon have arrived!

    Loved the intro! Look forward to see you guys in-game
  9. List of possible plugins

    This would be nice. I did a bit of searching myself and came across this: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/treeassist.16941/ It has the ability to add faster leaf decay. It can also plant saplings instantly which I think would be nice as well. The only setting I'd be against is the one to knock the entire tree down with one hit. I wouldn't want that added, but it's all editable in the config.
  10. Dock Haven WIP - Overview

    Yeah I am
  11. Dock Haven WIP - Church Interior

    Finished building the church in DockHaven near spawn. Here's the interior of the church :)
  12. Dock Haven WIP - Church Exterior

    Finished building the church in DockHaven near spawn. Ignore the wool and the nothing-ness around it. It'll be filled in eventually
  13. List of possible plugins

    I do like that plugin. I think it's another one that should be added as a possible donation perk. I was thinking it may be OP having the possibility to have a ton of spawners in one area, but I don't think any amount of normal spawners will even compare to an end farm so I don't see an issue with it.
  14. List of possible plugins

    I would love to see Mobcatcher and/or CustomEnchants added as either donation perks or rank upgrades. I think if configured correctly they could be convenient, but not too overpowered. Thanks for the suggestions
  15. Abra-kadabra baby!!