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  1. Minecraft Username Tumblin Age 32 Location and Timezone Eastern Why LittleHaven? Looking for a new home for my GF and I after once again dealing with abusive admins. We have been playing minecraft together for about a year and have a hard time finding an accepting home. Our last one started out fun, but the owner would take our her frustrations on the community whenever she had a bad day. Turned into a bit of a Dictator. We were pretty dug in and dealt with it as we had a massive town built with high walls. It just wasn't fun anymore so I have been taking my time searching for a new home with a fairly fresh server and here we are! I am a highly experienced Architect in minecraft able to build anything that would be needed to help make the spawn look nice. I am the guinea pig and if the server seems nice, my GF will apply tonight. Any previous bans on other servers, and why? No How did you find us? Reddit Post