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  1. Minecraft Username SplenderLotus Age 18 Location and Timezone Central Timezone (Texas) Why LittleHaven? Introduced through /r/mcservers Username: EmilyEvelan Copy and pasting from my post there: "I'm looking for a server that's friendly and active. I am currently in one that fits everything except for how active it is (over an entire day, maybe one or two others will log in for an a few minutes and then leave.) I'm looking for a server that can support my play style of just camping out in the sky base, and being able to port to a marketplace where I can trade what I produce for balance which I can then use to buy other materials and ores that I need. I'd prefer to not get grief/stolen from with or without protection, nor would I like to be killed without my consent. " Any previous bans on other servers, and why? Nope How did you find us? Reddit