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  1. Custom Crafting Recipes

    These are awesome! Can't wait to finally own a parrot.
  2. Build Contest?

    That would be a good theme to celebrate the upcoming update =D
  3. Don't Be Sad!

    Just posting to formally sign up.
  4. Doc is in the House!

    Hello! I am doctorWHATTT, or more commonly referred to as Doc. I am a 25 year old lady who isn't really good at writing a self-introduction but will wing it anyway. I have been playing Minecraft for many years and although I sometimes go through phases where I don't play, I always come back to play. I'm a quiet person in general but sometimes I can be talkative. Outside of Minecraft I am an avid reader with no particular favorite genre of book. As of this year I've started to go on solo trips and so far I've visited Ellis Island and Princeton, NJ, with hopefully a lot more in the future. I also enjoy gaming on Steam. If you would like to add me just let me know on Discord. It's awesome to be a part of Little Haven and it is my pleasure to meet everyone.