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  1. Selfies!

    aww adorable! your a redhead too! illpost one what the heck. i just got my lip pierced last thursday so ill post my most recent pic same day. before and after
  2. removing the /? command

    the /? command is alot like /pl people can view plugins you carry with this including commands they shouldnt know about nor have access too, its not so much a security risk but a wise choice to block it, i just thought id throw in the suggestion to be helpful, thanks guys! love this server its full of great people!
  3. i know what your thinking .... a bear and a dragon, cant be mates, well surprise! it happened! and im shocked im not BBQ Bear by now, (sorry cynful i had to roast you...so i roasted myself LITERALLY!) but all jokes aside cyn and i have been together for 5 years, and in those 5 years have become quite the minecraft team. we can go from nothing to OP in a day. we used to play faction servers we know the drill, since then we have calmed our hearts and threw water on that fiery passion of battle, and no longer enjoy that kind of scene. now we look for the complete opposite a peaceful friendly community devoted to kindness, friendliness, and Progression. we love to build a place to call home, and make it a center of help those in need, we carry extra supplies to help others (thatll take a week of work for so for that. but dont fear. we shall be there to help in any way we can. we hop to see you all in game!
  4. Minecraft Username Techno_Bear Age 29 Location and Timezone minnesota and CST Why LittleHaven? it matchs all the requirements i look for in a server, a peaceful adult community and a place to freely build and make friends! Any previous bans on other servers, and why? No....That does NOT happen. im too much a nice guy! How did you find us? minecraft forums! :)