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  1. Build Contest?

    Yes indeed! Thank you.
  2. Build Contest?

    Hey everyone, I am thinking of a theme for a build contest. This isn't a for sure event yet but if you're interested in build contests being held, please let me know below and if you have an idea for a theme toss it in there too! Thanks ladies and gents.
  3. Don't Be Sad!

    I'll hop in I suppose
  4. Selfies!

    My little brother and myself. I am 16 years older than him lol. Not a great selfie but it's the best I have at the moment.
  5. Giant Trees

    We appreciate your feedback and will look into this plugin!
  6. removing the /? command

    We appreciate your feedback and will look into it.
  7. Little Haven Market Centre

    Hey there everybody! Just wanted to give you all a heads up and to let you know that the Little Haven Market Centre is open for players now! How do I reach the market? Simple! Just type in /warp market and you'll be taken there! Can I have my own shop at the market? Why yes you can you spritely little fellow. Just right click on an unclaimed market stall sign and you can rent one for a period of time! Payments are automatic until you cancel the rent or run out of funds to keep the stall rented. What can I sell at my little shop? Well you can sell whatever you want! So long as it is a block or item. Can I sell my items at the market? Why yes, there are a few items you can sell to the admin shops at the market spawn! You can sell all that clunky and space consuming cobblestone, dirt, and redstone! Plus you can sell golden apples and potatoes! You may also purchase Packed Ice and Sponges in the same area! I will set up a bulletin in the market for those who wish to sell "services" such as land clearing, land filling, resource gathering, etc. Or even if you wish to hire someone to suit your minecrafty needs.
  8. Hi! ~Taikatalvia

    Welcome Tai!
  9. 7 Days to DIe LittleHaven Server

    Hey everyone, I just want you all to know that LittleHaven also has a dedicated 7 Days to Die server! Just @me on discord for the IP and password to join us
  10. IrishSpring

    Hey there new and old members of Little Haven as well as those of you just browsing! My name is Jake, known as Irishspring (Irish) online. I like long walks on the beach and dancing in the rain. But most of all, I love being a part of this amazing community! Not only do we play minecraft together, but we also play other games as well, which I find really neat. I'm almost always around on discord if anyone needs to get a hold of me :). A little about me: I'm 20 years old soon to be 21. I absolutely love playing video games, not solo mind you, but with a group of people who more or less become like a family to me. A few of my real life hobbies other than gaming are paintball, snowboarding, making the moneys, buying irishspring soap and deodorant on amazon, and raising my fur baby, Echo. Echo is a dog, just to clarify what kind of fur baby she is. I'm currently working to save money to put myself through college without the use of student loans... seeing as my mother is still paying hers off years later. That honestly scares the hell out of me. Besides all that, I'm a very open person and I'm normally very friendly. Although I don't have any problem with telling someone they are doing something that is inappropriate and/or not suitable for the audience that it entertains. My minecraft life: I've been playing minecraft for several years now and can honestly say that I've learned many many things from doing so. I mostly dabble in the building spectrum of the game, or any game for that matter, but I also administrate. I absolutely cherish all the time I spend with my friends online, even if some seem to think that internet friends aren't real friends. I can personally tell anyone reading this that internet friends can drastically improve anyone's day! Look forward to seeing everyone on LittleHaven! Thanks for reading!